Are you doing it right? As in washing your face properly? Chances are if you’re not double cleansing then no you aren’t. But fear not, we have you covered.

Double cleansing is the right way to wash your face! It means exactly what you think: cleansing your face twice in the evening. It’s a simple and  an effective way to keep your skin in great condition.

What is double cleansing?

It consists of first using an oil-based remover on dry skin, working this into the skin to lift off any makeup. It’s then washed off and followed by a light foaming cleanser to ensure all makeup is thoroughly removed, and to aid hydration. This is done at night when you have been wearing makeup all day.


One cleanse followed by moisturiser and SPF is enough for your morning routine.

What are the benefits?

A much deeper cleanse that removes all traces of makeup, dirt, sunscreen, dust etc.

Does it work?

The oil based cleanser draws out makeup and dirt from the skin and will leave the skin feeling very clean and nourished.

Even if you have oily skin you need not worry as it is washed off.

The second part of the cleanse is the foaming cleanser that can improve the texture and treat the skin and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

How to double cleanse using SOLID FACE CLEANSER - The Ultimate, multi tasking all in one cleanser.


Cleanse your face with the oil based side containing natural jojoba beads for a gentle exfoliation and deep clean which will break down make-up, dirt and sebum on the surface of your skin.


Follow up with a second cleanse with the foaming cleanser side for a deeper cleanse into the pores to remove any impurities such as sweat and bacteria.


Using your reusable bamboo cotton pad provided and using lukewarm water, wipe your face gently to remove all traces of the cleanser.


Using the other side of the pad and now with cold water, gently wipe over your face again to tighten pores, tone and keep skin lightly hydrated for that fresh cleansed & moisturised feeling.


Don’t do the double cleanse in the MORNING as it will make your skin more sensitive and susceptible to environmental damage. Follow Steps 2-4  for your morning routine and apply your primer if you plan to wear makeup or sunscreen if going commando.


Follow Steps 1 -4, if you have particularly dry skin and feel you need a bit of extra hydration, apply a few drops of our lightly scented Rose & Jasmine NIGHTCAP face oil.

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